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Posted in Videos on January 18, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Diving Accidents Caused by Failed Equipment

I read recently that the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the TUSA diving computers because they led to drownings and diving injuries. I’m Gary Burger. I’m at Burger Law. I also happen to be a certified cave and tech diver and a dive master and a working dive professional. I represent victims of diving accidents, diving incidents, drownings, equipment malfunctions. If you, a family member, a friend have been involved in one of those, you can call us, and I can help you with your case. I’ve helped a number of individuals help navigate these cases, and these are tough cases because scuba diving is an inherently dangerous activity many times, and there are obviously risks attendant to that. However, when a drowning, death or injury occurred because of failed diving equipment, because of negligence of dive professionals, because of the dangerous condition of the diving premises, other folks have duties that may cause or contribute to causing the drowning, death or injury to a certified scuba diver.

Certified scuba divers are responsible for their own oxygen, their own air and surfacing and many of the other things that scuba divers are trained and certified to handle, but when the negligence or the bad acts of others or equipment causes those incidents, then there are claims and the claims can be significant. That’s why I have insurance when I’m a dive master. Other locations have insurance. The companies that produce and manufacture this equipment have insurance, so we make claims against insurance and policies to try to help folks.

If you have any questions about diving incidents or deaths or drownings relating to those, please call me, Gary Burger, (314) 542- 2222. Visit us on Burger Law or email us or contact us. Thank you.