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Posted in Medical Malpractice on October 3, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Fall Risk Assessments at Hospitals

And then you have things that happen attendant to every medical procedure like infections or other types of things. If you’re not able to say those are violations in the standard of care, then you don’t have a case. But, let’s be clear, if we have doctors who violate the standard of care for treating you and that caused you damage, then you do have a case, and that could happen in a variety of circumstances.

Hospitals are required to do fall risk assessments. They take care of folks who can’t ambulate, and if you fall at a hospital, sometimes, often it’s because they did not do an accurate fall risk assessment, give you the protocols like walkers, canes, bed rails, put a fall risk assessment notice on you, give you a buzz light to go to the bathroom. There are various orthopedic surgeons who don’t put a pin — like they’re supposed to — in a piece of metal to help fix your femur, or a doctor does not correctly diagnose an infection in you and in an emergent situation doesn’t diagnose sepsis or septic shock in a patient — the emergency room start applying antibiotics right away, which is the standard of care — and delays that and caused a person the delay of sepsis or septic shock. There’s a great lack of knowledge and lack of attention to sepsis and sepsis infections.