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Posted in Car Accidents on March 16, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Getting Results for Car Crash Victims

The techniques featured in my Lawyer v. Lawyer podcast are practices we use all the time at Burger Law. We employ these techniques regularly to better serve our clients and resolve their cases.

Meet our client, Jake. Recently, we won a great settlement for Jake after he was sideswiped and pushed off the road in a hit and run accident. In Missouri, a hit and run driver is considered an uninsured driver.

Fortunately, a witness captured the license plate number of the hit and run driver. The police found the driver but discovered he was uninsured.

Initially, we attempted to settle the case by filing an uninsured claim with Jake’s insurance company.

However, after attempting to resolve the claim, the insurance company abandoned efforts to communicate with us. In response to their silence, we filed suit.

The insurance company responded almost immediately. We notified them that the amount of the settlement had increased because we were forced to file suit.

At first, the insurance company refused to pay the increase in settlement, but later they increased their offer by 25%. As a result, we were able to successfully resolve Jake’s hit and run accident case.

We are glad we were able to help Jake reach such a great resolution.