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Posted in Blog on July 11, 2019   |  by Gary Burger

Happy 10th Anniversary, Casey!!

This past week was the tenth anniversary of my paralegal Casey and I working together and a simple bio in my newsletter is not long enough to tell everyone what she does on a daily basis for my firm.

Ever have someone you love working with, who seems like she can read your mind, and who you're grateful is in you life (other than you're awesome wife)? That's Casey.

She goes above and beyond. Oftentimes she knows what I need for a trial, a hearing or a case before I even think about it. She keeps the office standing while I am gone, and is a huge go to person for everyone in my office – paralegals, receptionists, and my attorneys too.

Honestly, she is why the office remains standing even when I am there.

She has a cape on the back of her chair with a pink superman logo that fits her role in the office perfectly. She solves problems before they happen and I am so impressed by her on a daily basis and when I look back to when she first started with me, I am even more impressed.

She can write petitions better than most lawyers and knows how to help clients with their needs. Hate to admit it, but she gets more compliments in our firm's 404 Google reviews than I do.

I continue to beg her to go to law school and one day I think it could happen. Until then, I will continue to be grateful for all she does.

Thank you, Casey.