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Posted in Truck Accidents on November 22, 2015   |  by Gary Burger

Highway and Road Construction Zone Accidents

Roads and highways are a critical component of our transportation infrastructure. While it is necessary to maintain our roadways, highway construction sites are dangerous and even deadly for both drivers and construction workers. It is important for motorists to keep a proper lookout for construction zones and to adjust their driving accordingly, but there are some circumstances that are beyond the average motorist’s control.

Construction companies are often found responsible for road construction zone accidents when:

  • State safety regulations are violated causing a hazardous work zone for motorists
  • Warning signage is not adequately distanced from construction sites
  • Incorrect placement of construction equipment or road markers
  • The construction company did not factor in weather conditions to the work zone safety measures
  • Unmarked road hazards on construction sites like unexpected dips, turns and shifts in the lanes
  • Construction debris left on the road

It can be challenging to determine what parties are at fault for the construction zone accident. Liability depends on the facts and circumstances of the accident, but common negligent parties in these types of accidents include the construction company, equipment manufacturers, city, county, state or federal governments. There are often contracts between construction companies and state or federal governments to predetermine how liability for accidents will be handled by the insurance. A lawyer experienced with highway construction accidents will help you sort out the negligent parties and who can be held accountable for your injuries.

Hire a Highway Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Auto accidents that occur near highway construction zones are more complicated than the average car crash case. You should quickly consult with an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable of the safety regulations governing construction zones so that the scene of the accident can be investigated and important evidence is documented and preserved. If you have been involved in a road construction accident, don’t delay. Call Burger Law today at (314) 542-2222 to have the legal questions about your accident answered.