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Posted in Personal Injury on January 11, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

How Do You Know Whether You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case?

How do you know whether you should hire a lawyer for your personal injury case? You don’t need to know that. You can call me and ask me for free. I’m not a hard-sell guy. I’m Gary Burger at Burger Law, I even wrote a book on my website to what you need to know and questions you need to ask a personal injury lawyer to decide whether you want to hire him, questions to ask an insurance company, so you can decide whether you should settle directly with the insurance company or she go hire a lawyer like me.

So, a lot of times, you don’t know the answers to the questions, but you know the questions, and that’s enough, so visit my website at to get the book or to see other articles where we’ve written about this and see other videos we’ve done.

And basically, if you have a small case where you have a couple of visits, and you have a good adjuster on the other side that’s treating you fairly, settle your own case. You don’t need a lawyer like me. I’m not going to add value to your case. However, if you’re seriously injured, if the insurance company’s jerking you around, if they’re contesting liability, if they’re saying that your – I had this today – “Your medical should be cut off six weeks after your accident. You really shouldn’t be treating a year later.” Well, if you’re hurt and you may be or should be treating out a year later, and we have doctors, or we will depose your treating doctors to make sure that we’ve established that evidence. They won’t pay you for your wage loss damages, all kinds of things that insurance companies can do.

So, call me with questions to see whether or not you should hire us. Call me and meet with me for free, and I’ll tell you, I’ll say, “Go settle it yourself,” or, “I can add value to it. Here’s what I can do for you. Here’s how I can put more money in your pocket even with my contingency fee.” We don’t take a fee if there’s no recovery. Every consultation we have for the first time is free, always, and we’ll always answer your questions. Gary Burger, (314) 542- 2222, is my email. If you want to email me, ask me a question for free, please do so. Thanks.