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Posted in Personal Injury on July 20, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

How to Handle Tractor Trailer Accidents

In tractor trailer accidents, it’s important to investigate these cases right away so that we get an investigator out, we talk to the witnesses, we put the defendant on notice. National trucking companies put on significant, vigorous defenses in these cases, and it’s important to have a lawyer who can investigate the case right away, establish liability, prove damages, have the financial ability to pursue and fight against these big companies, and we do that at Burger Law. We regularly file suits, litigate cases, try cases to ensure that we get the maximum value for you.

Part of our job at a truck crash case is to put as much money in your pocket as we can, so not only do we get as much money as we can from the trucking company, whether it’s trying a case, or filing suit, taking depositions, litigating the case, but we also reduce as much as we can on the liens you have on the case to the health insurance company, to the medical provider, to wherever you’re getting your other benefits, so it’s important to do that as well.