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Posted in Personal Injury on May 16, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

If I File a Claim, Do I Have to Go to Court?

Sometimes, I’m asked, just because I filed a suit, does that mean that we’re going to try this case, we’re going to have to go to trial, do I have to go into court? The answer’s no. Many times we file suit to foster the case to make sure that we get full compensation for our clients, so the defendant knows that we mean business.

Sometimes, if an insurance adjuster or defendant only offers a little bit of money at the first, or they’re putting some defenses up, or they’re saying you took too long to get medical, or they’re saying their client has a different story of what happened, and they’re putting up these defenses and these roadblocks to recovery, filing suit and shining light under their rock, or persuading them of the wisdom of our position, enables us to get full compensation for your injuries or a lot more money in the case.

So, just because we file a suit doesn’t mean we go to trial. What it means is we’re insisting on full compensation and we’re ready to go to trial. Our firm tried seven cases last year, so we do go to trial, and we do try cases when warranted, and insurance adjusters and other defense firms know that. They know that we mean business, and we don’t just go away quietly into the night. We insist on full compensation, we insist on getting a good result.

So, just because we file suit doesn’t mean we go to trial, but it does mean that we file suit, we take depositions, we litigate cases, we take depositions of witnesses, we hire experts, and we try to deflate and undercut the invalid defenses being raised to your recovery. So, that’s what filing suit means, and just because you file suit doesn’t mean you go to trial.