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Posted in Insurance claims on July 14, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Insurance companies are cheap

Have you had the situation where you are dealing with an insurance company and they have offered you some money, but not enough? This occurs often in my experience, and it’s not coincidental. Insurance companies have actuaries and complex computer programs to try and figure out what exactly the lowest point of money a claimant will take without filing suit, and going to a personal injury lawyer, going to trial etc. There is an adage when a case settles the Plaintiff takes less than they want. So, often when you’re dealing with insurance companies, they’ll offer you less than your damages but not enough less that you’re so mad that you will run to an injury attorney. But this does occur. When I’m negotiating with them they will offer me less than the case is worth, but not enough less to maybe warrant the expenses of litigating it further. I have my own adage that insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums and denying claims. It is an unfortunate situation that is an epidemic in America.

We pay a lot of money to insurance companies to spread the risk. Insurance companies like AIG, State Farm and other large insurers gamble in the stock market, winning or losing a lot of money. And then when they lose (as they have in the last ten years) they say it’s all Plaintiffs lawyers’ fault and that everybody is paying out too much money. That is so not true. I don’t have an answer to every issue this blog raises, but I know that I’m aggressive in fighting insurance companies and will go the extra mile, file suit and try personal injury cases to get that little bit of extra money that I feel my client deserves. I try to send a message to the insurance companies that my clients need to be fully compensated despite what they do to other folks. Call the personal injury attorneys of Burger Law if you have any questions about insurance and we will do our best to help.