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Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Kristen Craren Testimonial

Mike: Hi. This is Mike Singer. I work with Gary here at Burger Law. This is our client, Kristen Craren, and her dog Piper here. So Kristen, why don’t you tell us about what happened to you at the Dog Training Academy?

Kristen: Okay. Yeah, so I was picking up Piper from school, and the trainer’s there usually, trainer dog out in the open in front of people so that they can get used to people passing by and everything, and some of the dogs are nice and some of them are not, so you always ask, “Can I pet this dog?” And this dog, in particular, they said yes, and so I bent down to pet it, and it lurched across the room and bit me right in the face, opening up my lip and a little bit of the upper lip just wide open, and there is blood everywhere, and it hurt a lot.

Mike: What kind of medical care did you have to receive for that?

Kristen: Well, I went to the emergency room, and they sewed me up after I sat there for about an hour and lots of ice, but for a couple of weeks my face was like really swollen, like my upper lip. My husband called me “Ducky” for like a month after it because I looked so odd.

Mike: Well, was Piper okay?

Kristen: Piper was okay.

Mike: That’s good.

Kristen: Yeah, she was fine. She didn’t see any of it.

Mike: Good. Well, after that happened to you, I know we worked really hard with the insurance company, and they gave us an initial offer of $9,000 in your case, but we kept working with them, and ultimately we were able to get you $20,000 about, $19,500, which I think was a great result.

Kristen: Yeah, it was a really good result because it’s nice to have that money if I want to do any work on my face to kind of get rid of the scarring, but also what was really great is that I was nervous about finding a good moral lawyer, and you guys did such a great job, like the staff and everybody has been just on point fantastic.

Mike: Well, we appreciate that. I know Gary really wishes he could be here today to congratulate you. We worked hard in your case, and I’m glad you had such a great experience with us.

Kristen: Yeah, it’s really been fantastic.

Mike: Is there anything you’d like to say to anyone who might be thinking about hiring Burger Law in the future?

Kristen: Yeah. Hire him. He does a fantastic job, and he is trustworthy and very straightforward and open. He will answer any questions that you have, as many times as you want to ask them, to make sure that you feel comfortable with the process.

Mike: And pet-friendly.

Kristen: Yes, and he’s pet-friendly.

Mike: All right. Thanks Kristen.

Kristen: Okay, thank you.