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Posted in Videos on May 29, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Macharia's Testimonial

Mary: $671,000 check, money I’ve never had in my life. So, yeah, that was a big surprise.

Michael: Whatever he told us, everything went to where he had explained everything.

Mary: Oh, I think you did good. I mean the depos were very plain and understandable. I have no problems with those at all. No.

Gary: Good. Did you enjoy reading them or being part of the process?

Mary: Yes. I was very happy with knowing exactly what was going on with everybody and what they were saying and thinking. Yes. Through this whole ordeal I’ve learned a lot. A lot.

Gary: Great.

Michael: I can put a point of doing the depositions, points with a deposition through your information there that we didn’t even know, and you got it for us and we’re like, “Really? We didn’t even know.” The defendants, we didn’t even know some of the defendants even existed.

Gary: You’re buying a home, right?

Mary: Yes. That’s priority. I want to be in my own home.

Gary: Have you ever owned a home like that?

Mary: I’ve owned a home with my other marriage but not like this one.

Gary: How blessed are you!

Mary: Yeah.

Gary: And I know you’ve been praying a lot.

Mary: I sure have, and God answered my prayer.

Gary: And you too, Mike. I know this has been hard on you. You had two surgeries on your foot.

Michael: I had two surgeries. It’s been a long road. I never thought this day will ever come and finally it has come, you know. I’m glad and I’m happy.