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Posted in In the News on March 13, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

March Madness

It's a strange time with the Coronavirus. I have been reading a lot about it and monitoring what's been going on in the world, the U.S. and our Community. Scary, and it hasn't fully hit us yet. I hope our leaders step up to lead us in this time and pray our community can take care of our sick.

It's a bit of a mad whirlwind of event and sports cancellations, changing information about how to protect ourselves and our families, and how to go on with a normal life amid this pandemic. As you don't need my views on this, I'll try to keep it a bit normal with my regular bi-weekly email.

Our firm has established plans to work remotely and stay in business if super restricted travel becomes necessary. So, we will keep working hard for our clients and are here for questions and help from lawyers and new clients.

Stay healthy.