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Posted in Medical Malpractice on July 8, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Med Mal settlement of $1 Million

Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Gary Burger, recently finished the settlement of a medical malpractice case for over $1 million. Our client, Kelly Sinn was diagnosed with, but not properly treated for, a brain aneurysm. Kelly went to a Southern Illinois emergency room and was treated by a physician there who diagnosed a recent brain aneurysm but did not monitor her or refer her to neurosurgeon for immediate “coil” surgery. Kelly had a “thunderclap” headache or the worst headache of your life and had problems for a few days before she was brought into the emergency room. The doctor there did a CT scan of her brain and found an aneurysm, but did not do a spinal tap to assess whether it was still bleeding or keep her for observation or refer her immediately to a neurosurgeon. Instead he said call a neurologist the following week for follow-up visit and did not imply any urgency in that.

Two days later the aneurysm ruptured again causing brain damage. This is completely contrary to the standard of care. When an aneurysm happens, immediate treatment is needed to prevent further bleeding and brain damage. Fortunately, Kelly has made a good recovery and lives at home with her father. We were able to file a medical malpractice suit and aggressively pursue this case and obtain the full insurance policy limits for Kelly. In addition, the medical malpractice attorneys from Burger Law worked with the family to put the money in a trust so that Kelly can continue to get benefits to help her for medical care for the rest of her life. This is called a Supplemental Needs Trust and puts the money in a trust for needs that are supplemental, or in addition to, the needs provided by Medicaid.

Gary could not be more proud and has a lot of gratitude for being able to help Kelly and her family-they’re very good, honest and kind people who deserved good aggressive and honest representation. Thank you to the Sinn family.