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Posted in Personal Injury on June 21, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Medical Treatment

When you suffer a personal injury, of course you get medical treatment.  Sometimes it is simple treatment from one doctor, sometimes treatment from a bunch of doctors.

When you get treated by your physicians, ignore any legal implications or any lawsuits or claims relating to the injuries you've sustained. Let the medical people deal with the medical stuff. Put the personal injury claims and lawsuits and everything else out of your mind and simply try to get better.  Tell your physicians about how you were hurt what you’re feeling and simply answer their questions. Be honest and open with them about the pain you are feeling, the symptoms you have, and whether you are getting better.

However, make sure that you tell them the injury happened right after an accident or the relevant information in the history about how the accident happened. Tell them what your symptoms are, don’t exaggerate but be honest. Don’t worry about what you tell your doctors and how it will affect your case- it is what it is and your injuries are your injuries. If you have any real material questions before going to see a doctor or after a doctor, call the personal injury laywers at Burger Law and we can help.

We can explain what a doctor may tell you, discuss treatment options with you, and help in medical decision making. We do this because we know the medicine and our clients are our friends-not because of any input on the case.  We always instruct personal injury victims to do what is best for them medically or personally and ignore the impact on the case. That means get better and get back to work as soon as possible.