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Posted in Uncategorized on August 23, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

$113,714,632.00 Million Verdict for the Missouri Correctional Officers

Last Wednesday, a Cole County Jury returned a verdict for $113,714,632.00 for the class of Corrections Officers I represent. This was the latest chapter in a case I have litigated for years. From my voir dire, through opening, 16 live witnesses, the defense case and closing, it was a true pleasure to see our civil justice system working in Missouri’s capital.

The front line Corrections Officers and Sergeants testified at trial that the Department of Corrections required them to perform pre and post-shift work but refused to pay them for it. The jury awarded a little more than the amount I requested in closing. We presented damage evidence for the 11 year class time period to pay for the wages earned in pre and post-shift activity by the 13,000 class members.

They calculated our expert's report and testimony to arrive at a damage figure to the dollar. I am grateful the team of lawyers, legal professionals and clients who gave their all for years to accomplish this. To see the judgment, pleadings and other information about the case, go to our website page devoted to the lawsuit.

I am so lucky to have been able to represent these hard working and honorable men and women Corrections Officers fight the Missouri Department of Correction’s dishonorable system. My clients and I hope this verdict tells the DOC to stop making their officers work and refusing to pay for it.

I asked the hard-working jury to hold the DOC responsible for not fully paying their employees. Because the DOC breached its agreement with its officers, it is responsible for all the harm it caused. I asked the jury to not “leave anyone behind” in the verdict for this large veteran comprised workforce. We put on a strong case and our evidence sought to simply show the damages to the class.