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Posted in Blog on March 14, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

New Adventure for Burger Law: The Lawyer v. Lawyer Podcast

Interested in our new podcast? There are a few ways to access it. Click here to listen to podcast episodes on our website. Click here to subscribe to our podcast through iTunes. Or, if you have an Android device, please use this link to access the podcast episodes.

We also maintain a Facebook group for our podcast called, Lawyer v. Lawyer. Click here for an invitation or send me an email for an invite.

The podcast features Debbie Champion of Rynearson, Suess, Shnursbusch & Champion. We debate civil litigation issues and explain a few secrets of successfully practicing civil litigation.

Together, Debbie and I have over 50 years of civil trial experience from opposing sides. As a skilled civil litigation defense lawyer, Debbie joins the debate with over 25 years of experience. Her expertise is derived from representing insurance companies that I have fought throughout my career as a personal injury lawyer. The contrast of our careers provides a unique perspective for listeners of all backgrounds.

In Lawyer v. Lawyer, we strive to educate listeners about civil litigation issues. Our opposing viewpoints and distinctive styles create a fuller understanding of how to succeed in claims and effectively litigate from both sides of the bench.

We are excited to share our show with you and highlight our expertise. Our podcast will also serve as a well-balanced tool for lawyers who seek to sharpen their legal acumen and further expose themselves to the practice of law.

If you are interested in an issue and would like it covered in our podcast, please let us know. Guests are always welcome to share their legal expertise and provide insight into issues facing the nation. Send me an email for an opportunity to be featured on our Lawyer v. Lawyer podcast.

Finally, be sure to listen to our fourth episode, Depositions and remember to keep an eye out for our upcoming CLE later this spring. We will be conducting classes and recording podcasts to be aired in the future.