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Posted in Law on January 9, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

New Laws in Illinois and Tennessee

Health Laws: The Opioid Crisis, Breast MRIs, and Others

The Illinois state legislature recently passed over 200 bills that went into effect as of January 1, 2018. 40 of these laws can be seen here.

One bill, Senate Bill 772, addresses the opioid epidemic by requiring doctors to check a database that lists whether a patient was already prescribed a “controlled substance” by another doctor before they write a new prescription. The Prescription Monitoring Program makes it harder to “doctor shop” for drugs. We have written about this in our blog and on our website – take a look!

In addition, doctors—specifically, psychiatrists—no longer have to see a patient in person, and instead can virtually treat their patients. This story from NPR discusses this. Hopefully, these kinds of visits will become more widespread for opioid patients, making it that much easier to receive care.

Also, Senate Bill 314 addresses breast MRIs. If dense breast tissue, a noted risk factor for cancer according to the American Cancer Society, is detected in a mammogram, insurance companies in Illinois are now required to cover a breast MRI.

Finally, other new laws now on the books include a law that categorizes a pet as a child in divorce cases, a law banning elephants in the circus, and a law that defines cyberstalking as a hate crime.