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Posted in Car Accidents on December 18, 2015   |  by Gary Burger

Auto Crash Settlement

We recently settled Brian’s auto crash case for $59,000.  He was rear ended in St. Louis County during driving home from work.  The other driver was distracted from another wreck.  His injuries were typical for this type of impact.  The forces of a rear end crash go straight to the spine and the discs between our neck vertebrae are not designed to handle that type of acute force.

Brian sustained a soft tissue injury to his neck and received medical treatment right after the crash.  He continued to have pain and went to a good area chiropractor.  He consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and received a few injections to help him with his case.  We became involved, collected Brian’s medical records, and made a demand on the insurance company to settle.

They offered $24,000 to settle the case, which we rejected.  We then filed suit and aggressively pursued the claim.  We did depositions, set the case for trial and were ready to try the case. We also reiterated our demand numerous times because most clients, do not want to add to the stress of an injury with a trial.  Shortly before trial defense lawyers offered enough money to fairly compensate Brian for his injury, so we settled the case.