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Posted in Videos on December 2, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Personal Injury Claims and Social Media

In making a personal injury claim, it’s so important to have 100% integrity for your claim, and it’s important to not have different claims in medical records and in depositions than you have on Facebook or other social media. So, I always visit with my clients about Facebook and social media because it’s important that we have integrity as claimants. I do not want to represent folks that are exaggerating claims, and it is the death knell of any personal injury claim if a jury sees you doing that because it’s not appropriate.

We ask in our personal injury cases that the jury compensates our clients a 100% for their damages, not a 150% or not any damages to which they have not suffered. So, make sure to your claims that you are not posting on Facebook things inconsistent with the types of claims and the injuries you have. You are not lying in bed needing a back surgery and then on Facebook running around and jumping off diving boards. You don’t want to make those types of inconsistent claims, and please believe that the defendant in your case is going to find out what you put on Facebook. He’s going to track that and follow that, or Tweeting or Instagramming or Snapchat or whatever your other social media preferences.

So, I just wanted to do a short video just to highlight the importance of making sure that if you do talk about your injuries or your claims on Facebook – which you may not want to, and I do not recommend that – that you make sure you do it with 100% integrity and similarly to the other claims that we’re going to find in doctor’s records, in your deposition, in a petition, what other folks say.

If you have any questions about Facebook or social media, give me a call, (314) 542-2222 or email Thank you.