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Posted in Personal Injury on July 27, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Premise Liability Cases

Welcome to Burger Law. We’re experienced personal injury lawyers that have been helping and representing folks in slip and fall or premises liability cases for over 25 years. If a property owner, or a landowner, or a commercial business, or a store has property that is unsafe and injures you, you’re entitled to compensation.

If you’re a guest at someone’s home, or business, or you’re shopping somewhere, and they have ice in the parking lot, water on the floor, a shake that’s spilled, a hole in the ground, and you injured yourself through no fault on your own, you’re entitled to compensation.

A landowner and a business has an obligation to have property and a business that is safe for its invitees, for the people that are coming there as guests, and you’re not just entitled to 50% or 60% compensation, you’re entitled to full compensation.

I’m Gary Burger. I will personally represent you in your premise liability or slip and fall case. We have many years of experience in handling these cases and trying these cases. We have a lot of successes on our website that you can look at and see for yourself. We’re highly reviewed and rated on Google and other social media platforms. We have a lot of awards and recognitions on our website where other peer groups have recognized how good we are and how hard we work for our clients.

It’s important to act quickly in a premises liability claim. We get right in, we get the videotape from the defendant, we secure that evidence, we take pictures, we talk to witnesses, we try to establish liability right away, and then we’ll also help you navigate your medical care to make sure you get the proper medical care for the injuries you sustained.

You did not ask to be put in this position, and you didn’t want to have to come to a lawyer like me, but if you do, we’ll take care of you and we’ll give you good advice. We’ll meet with you for free. We don’t charge you unless we recover for you, and it’s important to get involved in these cases right away and start investigating these cases right away. We investigate the cases, we talk to witnesses, we get the standards that the defendant should have abided by in their place, whether it’s a handrailing, a distance of a step, the amount of time when they’re supposed to look in the bathroom or around the kitchen to make sure that there’s not water or grease on the floor, and what standards do they abide by in cleaning up spills, and grease, and getting rid of black ice on their parking lot.

If you have any questions, call me, Gary Burger, or one of the folks that work for me. I’m at 314-542-2222, 618-272-2222 in Illinois, and 866-599-2222. Thank you.