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Posted in Premises Liability on February 28, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Self Negligence Premise Liability

Gary: One of the things that we have to worry about is that negligence on the part of the person who was injured. I have picked many juries in these cases, and from a starting point, if you’re slipping and falling, sometimes people think it’s your fault, and sometimes you’re partially at fault. It depends on the case. Obviously, the Maccharias were not at fault. Obviously, my client, he did not see the ice on the ground. So, what are some of the things… I’ll turn it to Joel. What are some of the things we talk about with clients to assess their culpability in the fall?

Joel: Well, it’s very important that in order for you to have a viable claim that there was not a sign warning you that there was a particular slippery condition when you walked in because if there’s a sign, the owner has informed you reasonably and they cannot be held legally accountable.