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Posted in Personal Injury on August 1, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Settling a Workers Compensation Claim

What do you do if your employer attempts to settle your workers compensation matter or the insurance company does? Well, you need to look at that and decide whether that’s a good settlement for you. If you have a relatively minor injury, you do medical care, you’re back to work, your employer paid your TTD, and you like that place, and you want to keep working there, they offer you a reasonable amount to settle the case, then you should settle.

You can get on the workers compensation website or you can call me, Gary Burger, at 314-542-2222, 866-599-2222, 618-272-2222. I’ll send you the chart, I’ll send you the workers compensation diagram just to see whether the amount offered to you is fair. The Missouri Workers Compensation, google that. The Division of Workers Compensation has a great website, with forms and other great information about work-related injuries, how to navigate this stuff yourself.

I wrote a book, it’s on my website, “Essential Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Lawyer.” You may not need a lawyer in your workers compensation case, especially if it’s a low case. However, there are many times when you do: if you’re getting runaround by your employer, not paying all your benefits, you’re concerned about that, you have questions about that, they’re trying to rush you into a settlement, you may need surgeries six months from now and they want you to settle and close out your case, you’re not at maximum medical improvement, they haven’t paid you your TTD, they’re only offering you a $1,000 for an operated back case.

If you smell a rat or smell problems, a lawyer like me will answer any questions you have for free, and so if you have a medium or a bigger case and you have an offer direct to settle, call me up, I’ll tell you, I’ll say, “Take it,” or, “Ask for a little bit more,” or, “What about future medical?” or, “This, that or the other thing.” But, if I hear you and you tell me this and it sounds like you’re getting screwed, then I’ll say, “Hey, come in and meet with me. If you meet with me, you like me, you may want to hire me.” We don’t charge for your TTD, your medical and all that. We charge a percentage of what we get for you in your lump sum disability at the end of the case.

And remember that, sometimes they try to close and settle these cases, and they don’t pay you anything, and you think it’s over. You’re entitled to a lump sum disability payment at the end of your workers compensation case. How much it is depends on the state regulations and the chart of compensation that you can get on my website, you can get on the workers compensation website, or wherever you like.

But if you have questions and you think you may need a lawyer to get you a 100% compensation, not 50% compensation, call me at 314-542-2222. I already gave my information. Email me at We’re happy to answer your questions for free. Thank you.