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Posted in Car Accidents on February 15, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Street Survival for Teens

Street Survival for Driving Teens

Shout out to my friend Duke Niedringhaus of J.W. Terrell who taught me about teen driving risks the other day. Duke does great work teaching teens to be safer on the roads (in addition to insuring people and businesses). For years now, Duke has taught in the Street Survival program put on 4 times a year at the St. Charles Family Area.

This program teaches young drivers how to handle and react during emergency driving conditions. Too often the first time a new driver encounters a surprising condition is on the roadway in the middle of an emergency. Safe Streets teaches defensive driving and safe driving techniques to avoid crashes and minimize injuries.

Great opportunity to teach and protect teen drivers. Click here for important info on Teen Driving Risks and for more info on Safe Streets click here. 20% of all driving deaths occur when teens are driving.