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Posted in Newsletter on November 5, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

Thanks, Burger Law Team 2021

Thanks from Gary Burger to the Burger Law Team

I am so thankful for the great lawyers and legal professionals we have working together at Burger Law. We have really weathered a lot in the last two years.

We have successfully navigated this pandemic. I did not know it at the time, but the systems we put in place to run our firm set us up to work remotely during Covid and continue to be super effective. Then, when the pandemic started we adapted and learned how to work remotely.

We constantly work on our communication with each other and our clients. We keep pushing our clients' claims and have had a great year of victories and successes. It's great to be able to help our clients get good recoveries for their injuries.

Even though we have good systems, they need maintenance and change. So many cases are unique and need creative solutions.

Sometimes seems the world is getting colder and harder, so what we accomplish for our clients is a good and bright light for all of them.

So, a sincere thanks to Casey, Genavieve, Tyler, Michael, Mom, Jennnifer, Rodney, Laura, Tiffany, Caylin and Taylor for your hard work and for putting up with me.