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Posted in Uncategorized on March 1, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Helping People

I represented Leigh and Sammie Johns in a rear end automobile accident. They are sweetest elderly couple you could ever meet. As they are getting older, they have been having progressive health issues. We took this case and tried to settle it initially but didn’t get enough money. We filed suit and pushed the case until the defendant decided to pay enough money to settle the case. We settled their cases for about $40,000.00, but didn’t stop there. My great paralegal Casey then negotiated $8,000.00 off of liens for medical care we had to pay out of the settlement. Leigh Johns was so happy and excited for the settlement and the amount of money we put in her pocket. She’s going to be really able to provide financial assistance to her and her husband as a result of our hard work.

I represented Lighthouse Baptist Church for free as part of the pro-bono work we do. This church suffered a monetary loss when a sewer main burst and washed out part of the property of the church. It cost them about $5,000 to fix the sewer main and that problem. They tracked it to work that AT&T had done in that area about five years before. I represented the church for free because they do good works for folks and we thought it was appropriate. We did extensive legal work on the case. We filed suit and sued AT&T. Zurich Insurance denied coverage because they said the policy had lapsed. We had blown the statute of limitations and there was no insurance for this claim anyway. AT&T wasn’t liable because the person who had done the contracting for them was out of business and had declared bankruptcy so there appeared to be no recovery. Did we give up? No. We entered into a 537.065 Agreement with AT&T where we agreed to go after the insurance company and I then represented AT&T and Lighthouse Baptist Church and sued Zurich Insurance Company. They obtained counsel in Kansas and we litigated the case for a period of time until they realized we were the energizer bunny, and we were not going to give up. They agreed to settle the case for $4,000.00 and they had significant legal defense to having to pay anything at all. Temerity is oft rewarded.

I was asked by another lawyer to come in and help with the James Miller case. James is a young man with disabilities who worked in various capacities for Wal-Mart. He worked there for nine years then got a new manager. That new manager was not aware of James’ challenges and dealing with change and different management and having someone telling him what to do (we all have those issues). So they fired him. We were so excited to help James, which I am not at liberty to discuss in detail further here. We were so proud to help James get back to work.