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Posted in Uncategorized on February 8, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Top 10 Reasons to like Trial Lawyers

Top 10 reasons to like trial lawyers

  1. We fight for the individual rights of the little guy/gal in Courts.
  2. If we don't fight for peoples' rights, who will?
  3. We are not greedy and are not trying to get any excess recovery for our clients or ourselves. Lawyers are highly regulated with strict ethics rules through the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel.
  4. We tell juries why another party owes our client money, the reasonable amount for our client's injuries and losses, and present the evidence to support those damages.
  5. We are usually the Davids who fight the Goliaths around the country. Sometimes it's for civil rights, American individual rights, constitutional rights or other noble issues. Sometimes it's for money. Often, getting money for clients in civil disputes enforces important legal rights.
  6. When did the seventh Amendment which guarantees Americans to have a right to a jury trial become a bad thing? Why isn't that amendment as important as the first (free speech) or the second (bear arms)?
  7. The insurance industry and some big corporations have spent millions of dollars marketing the ideas that Plaintiffs are greedy, lawsuits are frivolous, people get money for unsupported reasons, etc., to change how we think about injured people and their lawyers. We regularly hear about lawsuit abuse on news outlets, social media, the internet and in newspapers. This effort has been very successful in shaping peoples' opinions of people who are injured. There is no one to fight this marketing effort.
  8. Good trial lawyers abound who try to clearly present simple, accurate and honest evidence about their clients and damages.
  9. Who else is going to check the abuses of people (individuals and companies) who violate basic safety rules in our society causing people injury? Our system is set up so that each person or company has the liberty and First Amendment right to look out for their own economic interests and seek redress and compensation (no over compensation) for their monetary and physical injuries, losses and harms.
  10. Like democracy to government, our civil justice system is the best worst method of resolving disputes between citizens.