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Posted in Recent Success on September 14, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Trial Victory Last Week

Trial Victory Last Week

I had the privilege to try a car crash case last week in St. Louis County and got a $20,000 verdict for a well deserving couple. The crash occurred on Manchester road and Wiedman. An elderly lady turned in front of them and they hit her. Not yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic can cause bad accidents. I'll spare you a picture of the car.

We fought an able defense lawyer, Art Clark, who called me the best trial lawyer in the State of Missouri in his closing argument (and then proceeded to criticize our case - nice trick).

We carefully pick juries in our cases. Missouri law provides "No person who has formed or expressed an opinion concerning the matter or any material fact in controversy in any case that may influence the judgment of such person, and no person who is kin to either party in a civil case or to the injured party shall be sworn as a juror in the same cause." R.S.Mo. section 494.470.1. And "Persons whose opinions or beliefs preclude them from following the law as declared by the court in its instructions are ineligible to serve as jurors on that case."

We are so indebted to our great citizens who serve as jurors, help resolve civil disputes, and help prosecute criminals. Pretty amazing how seriously and with such dedication people serve. It's a pleasure trying cases with good clients, juries and opposing counsel.

We put our clients on the stand and played video tapes of two chiropractors who treated them. Happily they are back working and taking care of their kids. They are immigrants from Bosnia and got to use our American judicial system for the first time.