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Posted in Videos on March 6, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Vonsha Banks Personal Injury Testimony

Gary: Hi! This is Gary Burger of Burger Law, and I’m here with one of my favorite people, Vonsha Banks. Vonsha, how are you?

Vonsha: I’m fine.

Gary: How’s your hair today?

Vonsha: It’s big.

Gary: It’s a big hair. How does it go with the humidity? What does it do for you?

Vonsha: It just makes it more.

Gary: I love it. It’s powerful. What are you going to do to it?

Vonsha: Go take it out, get some longer hair, not bigger.

Gary: Even longer than that?

Vonsha: Yes.

Gary: Is the settlement we just gave you with Burger Law going to help you pay for that?

Vonsha: Yes, it is.

Gary: Maybe a little bit?

Vonsha: Yes.

Gary: Tell me about your case.

Vonsha: It was fast. It was quick. I can’t complain about it. I have got more than what I had, so it’s good.

Gary: Good. So, tell me, you were hit just a little over a year ago, June the 4th. What happened in that crash?

Vonsha: We were coming down a street covered in view, and a man was turning, and I guess he didn’t see us, and he hit us, and we ran into a wall.

Gary: And then, you were with who? You got more money though?

Vonsha: Yes, because mainly I was the one injured.

Gary: Right. So, what kind of medical care did you get? What did you do? Where did you go to get medical care?

Vonsha: Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Gary: And you took care of yourself. You did everything they said, right?

Vonsha: Yes.

Gary: Then, how much money did we get you?

Vonsha: Thirteen.

Gary: Thirteen in your pocket, right?

Vonsha: Yes.

Gary: And that’s tax-free. So, did you know that you know how the government taxes us everywhere we look, right? But one place that they still don’t is on personal injury settlements because that’s for pain and suffering. It’s not wages, it’s not nothing. It’s the injury to your body. So, the federal government and the state government don’t tax it, and you do not even have to put it on your tax returns. I ain’t a tax lawyer, I’m a trial lawyer, but you don’t have to put it on your tax returns. Take that money. Use it for something other than hair. Well, with that much hair, that may put it that back.

Vonsha: It ain’t, not that bad.

Gary: So, I think the total settlement was like $28,000. We had to pay your medical off, but you’re walking away with no bills, no nothing, and $13,000 plus in your pocket, right?

Vonsha: Yes, that’s great.

Gary: Is that the most you’ve ever had at one time?

Vonsha: Yes.

Gary: Good, and I know you’re a hard worker. Yeah. Great. Okay, well, so would you recommend me or my firm to other folks?

Vonsha: Yes, I surely would. Actually, I did already.

Gary: Did your review us on Google?

Vonsha: Yes, I did, three times actually.

Gary: Because we have different locations. We have Belleville, Chesterfield and St. Louis. Do you know how many Google reviews we have on our firm? Have you ever looked? Watch this. Check this out. I don’t know either. Let’s find out. I’m excited. No one else is excited about this other than me, but look, I’m going to google Burger Law, and I’m going to do that. How many? Here. Do you need glasses?

Vonsha: Yes. Okay, super tall glasses.

Gary: 144 five-star Google reviews. Isn’t that unbelievable?

Vonsha: That’s good, and I’m three of them.

Gary: No, but on that location. We also have a firm at Belleville. That’s our main location. 144, it’s the most in St. Louis, and we don’t have anything other than five-star reviews because we work hard to keep our people happy.

Vonsha: Exactly.

Gary: Cool. All right, anything else?

Vonsha: I’m satisfied.

Gary: Cool, me too. Thanks, Vonsha.