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Posted in Videos on December 9, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

What to Do After Being Involved in a Truck Crash

So, we represent many victims of truck crashes and our firm had the blessing to do that for many years. Truck drivers drive millions and millions of miles every year in American roads. Their vehicles weigh between 50,000 and 70,000 pounds. There are a panoply of federal state regulations governing their movement and giving them rules of the road, safety rules that they have to abide by to make sure the rest of the traveling public is safe. When they violate those rules and injure or kill someone, we’re often asked to help. I’m Gary Burger and this is my firm, Burger Law; that’s why you’re watching this video.

So, remember, if you’re involved in a truck crash to do the same thing in an auto crash: get all of the information; take pictures if you can; get witness names, don’t trust that that will be later in a police report, you write them down yourself; tell the police officer or the ER that you go to about your pain and symptoms and what’s going on with you; identify everything you can at the scene, if you’re significantly hurt and you can’t do that, that’s okay, you do what you can; and when you’re contacted by the truck company and they will be investigating your case immediately.

I have a case right now. We’re at the depositions a few weeks ago where the truck company’s lawyer was at the accident scene while people were being taken to the hospital. So, the trucking companies are going to have their lawyers and investigators on the case right away, so do not give any recorded statements. There is no need to or requirement to. Don’t give a recorded statement. You can say something like, “Hey, yeah, your truck crossed the lane of traffic and hit me,” or, “They crossed the median,” or, “They’re traveling too fast,” or, “They didn’t yield right of way,” or they did that’s that or the other thing. However, you don’t need to give a recorded statement.

And, get all of the information about them. Go get all your medical treatment. Call a truck accident lawyer if you think you need to. If you ever want to ask questions about it, I’m at (314) 542- 2222. My website is We have many success stories and reviews on our website, of folks we’ve helped in truck crash cases. We have them now. We have the expertise. We have the experts to hire, and we have the ability to be successful in these cases. Thank you.