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Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Zealous Representation

The devoted personal injury attorneys at Burger Law will fight hard for you no matter what type of case you have.  We primarily handle civil cases involving car accidents, so if you’re injured,  you should get legal help to ensure that you get fully compensated for the harms and losses you’ve suffered.  The person who injured you violated a basic safety rule and this is a one-time only shot to get what is owed to you.  If you don’t get compensated now, you never will.  Insurance companies and large corporations and defense lawyers aggressively go after you and try to minimize your recovery.  So, at Burger Law, we aggressively pursue these claims for our clients.  This means we thoroughly  investigate the case, evaluate every legal aspect,  and do all the investigation and work necessary to prove the defendant was negligent, violated rules causing injuries.   We call witnesses, take photos, visit the scene, gather the documents and the medical records and do whatever is needed in an automobile crash or automobile incidents.  We do similar things for motorcycle and truck accidents and crashes as well.

In medical malpractice cases, we thoroughly interview the clients and family and obtain medical records.  We are very well trained in reviewing the medical records.  We don’t turn that review over to nurses or paralegals, we review that medical ourselves.  I spent hours yesterday reviewing medical records and two medical malpractice cases.  We look thoroughly to find out whether and how the medical doctors or nurses, or the hospitals and institutions, violated the standard of medical care they should have afforded our client.  Most of the times this is a glaring clear error that injured the client.  Then, we look to see how that medical error caused injuries in our client and if we can clearly connect the injuries suffered by the client to the negligence and the violation of medical safety rules done by the defendant.  Only then do we hire top notch medical experts who are within the appropriate expertise in this area to confirm what we as laymen clearly see in the case.  If we hire doctors for their services and get the best medical experts available to progress our claims in court.  Only then do we file suit in the case and aggressively litigate the case to trial or to successful settlements for our clients.

In premises liability cases, we do similar investigation, take photographs, look for the dangerous condition of the property that caused the unknowing injury to our clients.  The client has to not see the dangerous condition for the Defendant or land owner, store owner, etc. to be liable.  We aggressively pursue these cases as well.

So, regardless of the type of personal injury case you have, and there are others such as products liability, dog bite and other types, we take the same team oriented, personal attention approach to winning your case.