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Posted in Videos on December 6, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Health Insurance Liens

Hi! This is Gary Burger of Burger Law, and I want to talk to you about liens for a minute. I got today in the mail a great letter. So, in this letter, a health and welfare benefit plan asserted a lien for $76,000 against my client’s recovery. We wrote them letters. We fought them on the lien. We said, “The charges you’re trying to assert were not related to this claim,” and that was on September 6, and then about two weeks later I got a letter that the lien is reduced to $165. So, from $76,000 down to a $165, and what that means and the benefit to our client is that she will get more money in her pocket.

In any one of these many cases that I represent folks in whether it’s auto cases, slip-and- falls, med mals, whatever it is, the health care provider, insurance company, who paid for the insurance always wants their money back or the health care providers want their money back. And one of the things I’m vigilant about is making sure my clients pay a fair price for their medical care. So, if a health insurance company wants money back but they’re not entitled to get back, we fight that. I try to put as much money in my client’s pocket in the front end in terms of the settlement amount, but also on the back end I try to reduce the payouts to the lien holders as much as possible because that translates to money right in their pocket. So, for this client, we’re going to put $76,000 more if we get there and increase money to her, and I just wanted to do this video to talk about liens in a minute.

I have other videos on YouTube about that. If you have any questions about liens or any other personal injury matter, visit or call us at (314) 542- 2222. Thank you.