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Intersection Accident Lawyers St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois

Intersection Accidents Attorney in St Louis. Roughly 40% of car accidents in the United States happen at intersections. Intersections are often busy with roads crossing, and multiple turning points making them more hazardous than drivers realize. Those involved in intersection accidents frequently endure severe injuries which can negatively impact their physical and financial health. Loss of income, further medical care, insurance issues, and pain and suffering are just some of the problems that come along with being involved in an intersection accident. Burger Law is backed by decades of experience and our intersection accident attorneys proudly litigate for the recovery of injury victims throughout the Greater St Louis area. If you've been injured in an intersection accident, contact Burger Law today for your free case review, call (314) 500-HURT or complete our online contact form.

Burger Law is a full-service personal injury law firm that specializes in a wide range of car accident cases including intersection collisions. Regardless of whether a driver was making an illegal maneuver, turning with an obstructed view, not looking or making faulty assumptions, distracted while driving, misjudging the space and speed of another car while turning, or driving under the influence, it's important that you allow a seasoned lawyer to represent your case for maximum compensation. When you allow Burger Law to assist you with your speeding accident injury claim, you can guarantee that our attorneys will stand with you throughout case while providing the highest quality of support and guidance. The intersection accident lawyers at Burger Law work on a contingency-fee basis and you aren’t expected to pay anything unless we win your case.

The intersection accident lawyers at Burger Law offer legal services throughout the Greater Missouri and Illinois region. If you'd like to learn more about intersection accident injuries, causes of intersection accidents, or anything in between, contact the Burger Law firm today. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality of advice, support, and litigation.

Our Intersection Accident Lawyers are dedicated to providing the victims of intersection car crashes with expert legal advice and counseling. If you've been in a intersection car accident and believe that your accident may fall under another category, please choose from the below.

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