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In the United States, the percentage of Americans who carpool has increased exponentially with popular ridesharing services and environmentally conscious individuals looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint through carpooling. With several new carpool and ridesharing companies opening businesses within the surrounding St. Louis and Illinois region, the chances of a carpool or ridesharing accident have also increased. Even though car accidents regarding ridesharing and carpooling can be rare, in the event of an unfortunate circumstance you or your loved ones need to be aware of your options, such as who can be held liable, and what you are entitled to as victims. The experienced legal team at Burger Law has dealt with multiple carpool and ridesharing cases and will handle your situation with the utmost care and expertise required. If you or a loved one has been in a carpool accident or ridesharing accident, reach out to the lawyers at Burger Law today for a free evaluation of your case.

Ridesharing Accident Claims

Burger Law knows how to do deal with the complexities of a carpool or ridesharing accident. We know that in these rare situations, who is at fault can be confusing and how to receive the most in compensation for damages or injuries can also be a complex and difficult issue. Our carpool accident lawyers are experienced in litigating these cases, and we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive legal counseling that covers all aspects of a carpool or ridesharing accident. If you or a loved one has been hurt mentally, physically or financially in a carpool or ridesharing accident, let Gary Burger and the carpool accident lawyers at Burger Law make sure that you get the fair and just compensation that you deserve.

Burger Law Firm provides expert legal counseling in the Greater Missouri and Illinois areas. If you need more information regarding carpool or ridesharing accidents, how those liable are held to account, or any other information regarding the complexities of carpool accidents or ridesharing accidents, contact Gary Burger and the carpool accident lawyers at Burger Law today. We will provide you with expert legal counsel and advice throughout the entire process.

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