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In Missouri, wage laws are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Missouri Wage and Hour laws. These Fair Labor Standards Act laws cover minimum wage, overtime pay, classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt and a number of other key issues. Here at Burger Law, our St Louis wage and hour lawyers understand that employees are entitled to compensation for the hours they have worked and should be paid at least twice a month, with some exceptions. The way an employee is paid will depend on whether he/she is classified as exempt (salaried and therefore not entitled to overtime pay) or non-exempt (hourly and therefore entitled to overtime pay for time worked more than 40 hours in a week). If you believe that you’re not being paid fairly, contact the St Louis wage and hour attorneys at Burger Law to get started on your free case evaluation.

Employment Requirements

If you are a covered employee, your employer must compensate you for:

  • All the time you perform doing work for the benefit of the employer (limited exceptions apply).
  • Any work that, though not requested by your employer, is permitted by your employer.
  • Any work over 40 hours per week at time and a half (overtime pay).
Some employers have job requirements that force employees to perform job-related tasks “off the clock.” That means that an employee might have to perform work or work-related activities before their official work shift starts and after their official work shift ends. These additional uncompensated activities can add up to a lot of unpaid wages. Furthermore, if an employee already works a 40 hour work week, this uncompensated work could mean that the employer is liable for overtime pay. These situations often come up when an employer has specific requirements that an employee has to fulfill before starting work, and the employer does not pay its employees for fulfilling those requirements. If your employer requires that you put on a specific uniform, gear or equipment before starting work, and does not pay you for the time it takes, you might have a wage and hour claim and should consult with a St Louis wage and hour attorney.

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