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Posted in In the community on December 13, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Update on Stink Bug Safety

A dive buddy at the Bonne Terre Mine is a local firefighter and sent me the following after my stink bug post:

Just saw your piece regarding how the stink bug issue was resolved. Wanted to give a word of caution – please be careful about two things.

First, the screen’s ventilation ability might be compromised because of the reduced size of the vent holes compared to the original grate covering that was already installed. This could create a draft reduction, which is bad, and could allow smoke to back up into the house.

Second, which is most important, is to monitor soot build up in the screen’s material. Excess soot could also cause ventilation reduction and excessive heat retained in the chimney. This may lead to cracked mortar joints and fire extension to the truss space as well as a potential for ignitable carbon build up increasing the chance of a chimney fire on the rooftop.

As long as you are getting a good draft and burning reliable, dry hardwoods, most likely, there will not be any problems. Keep a close eye on it. The stink bugs have been horrible this year!

We burn gas so this will not be much of a problem for us but everyone, please be careful out there!