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Posted in Car Accidents on December 16, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Why Its Important to Hire an Injury Lawyer Before It's Too Late

So, you’ve been involved in a truck crash, an automobile accident. You’ve done a slip-and- fall. You’ve been a victim of medical malpractice. Sometimes, it’s important to get going right away on these cases. If you wait months, years to investigate a case, the trail is cold. Justice delayed is justice denied. And, when we get involved with a case right away immediately, we’re getting the police report; we’re calling the witnesses; we’re taking witness statements; we’re going to the scene; we’re taking photographs; we’re taking photographs of the vehicles, the skid marks and getting any other information we can. We’re talking to the police officers that are doing the more extravagant accident reconstruction.

If it’s a premises liability case, oftentimes we’ll go there, and we’ll contact the managers of stores right away and say, “Hey, keep and secure videotape. Don’t destroy it. Give it to us. Protect it. Don’t let that security camera re-record over it.” We go to the scene. We talk to the witnesses. Sometimes we talk to co-employees.

If it’s a medical negligence case or nursing home case, right away we’re requesting the medical records, and we often have to re-request them because they don’t send you the whole record the first time, and so we’re being vigilant about requesting those. We talk to other family members or friends who may record what was said in the post-operative meeting or what was said over time in a nursing home, or “What did dad or mom look like? Were they getting water and nourishment, that kind of stuff?”

So, regardless of the kind of accident that you have and regardless of who in your family was involved, it’s really important many times to get a personal injury lawyer involved, and, “Sure, you’re just saying that because you want me to hire you.” Well, that’s not the case. Regardless of the lawyer, the defendants all often are on these cases and they are investigating it. They’re taking pictures. They’re cleaning up their records. They’re taking photos. They’re talking to witnesses. They’re trying to tailor the evidence later to minimize their liability and responsibility, and they’re trying not to take full responsibility for the injuries that you or your loved ones suffered.

So, if you like us to investigate a case for you, call Gary Burger at (314) 542- 2222. Contact us through our website. Email me We’re easy to find. Thanks.