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Results Category: Truck Accident

$325K Truck Accident Settlement

More often than not, police report information and property damage photos in car accident cases fail to convey the severity of the collision and our clients’ injuries. For exa...

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$162,500 Truck Accident Settlement

Collisions involving tractor-trailers often cause serious injuries, and because of the commercial insurance coverage available, companies tend to fight these claims hard. Whe...

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$600,000 Tractor-Trailer Crash

We represented our client who was seriously injured when a tractor-trailer driver negligently merged into her lane and struck her vehicle on I-70. Our client’s car spun out of...

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$212,000 Truck Crash Settlement

$212,000 Truck Crash Settlement Our office was able to get a great settlement for our client Matthew, an over-the-road truck driver. Two-Truck Crash Matt was...

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$225,000 Settlement in Truck Crash Case

On April 24, 2017, our client David was traveling southbound in the right lane on U.S. 67 when another driver, Mr. Lint attempted to change lanes. Mr. Lint steered into the righ...

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Randy’s $250,000 Policy limits settlement

We were recently able to secure a policy limits settlement for our client and friend Randy. Randy and I became friends many years ago when he painted my house. He is a nice and ha...

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$765,000 Settlement After Fatal Collision

We fought on behalf of Amy Van Doren and her children when her husband was killed during a fatal vehicle collision on Highway 185 in Potosi. Amy's husband, Paul Van Doren, was attemp...

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$200,000 Truck Accident Settlement

Recently, Genavieve Perino and I obtained a great $200,000 settlement for our client in a contested liability truck accident case. Despite strong evidence in our favor, the trucking ...

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Tonya’s Truck Accident Mediation Case

Tonya was commuting to work on a Friday and a truck changed lanes, causing her vehicle to roll into the medium. The negligent driver fled the scene of the accident. When apprehen...

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Always Negotiating – 2 case studies

We recently settled two cases during very different stages in litigation which teach good lessons on how to keep a case moving forward while also still negotiating settlement. We...

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