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Personal Injury Attorney St. Louis, MO. The St. Louis personal injury attorneys of Burger Law stand up for the injured and against unfeeling insurance companies. When you or someone you love is injured by someone's negligence, call (314) 500-HURT immediately or reach our St. Louis personal injury firm online for a free consultation.

Time is of the essence after your accident. When another person's actions lead to your harm, you have a right to be made whole again. In Missouri, you can collect compensation for your injuries and other losses by filing a Missouri personal injury claim and hiring a skilled and reputable personal injury attorney. Your Burger Law personal injury attorney in St. Louis is committed to your complete recovery from day one and will not rest until your future is restored through full financial compensation. We dedicate our own resources toward building your case and fighting for you and do not charge you any fees until you receive a great Frankenstein settlement. Contact us now.

What Kinds of Cases Do Burger Law's St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys Take?

Personal injury cases arise from preventable injuries, which adds a layer of indignation or frustration for many. You would not be in this situation today had it not been for another person's carelessness or willfully harmful behavior. To get the closure and compensation you deserve, you need a competent and reputable personal injury attorney in St. Louis to represent your interests. As St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we are here to lend our knowledge and talents toward getting you a great recovery and making you whole after being injured by someone else.

In our nearly thirty years as a leading personal injury law firm in St. Louis, Burger Law has seen and heard legitimate personal injury claims of all kinds. Through our tenacity and expertise, the St. Louis personal injury attorneys of Burger Law have successfully represented families and individuals in St. Louis and throughout Missouri in personal injury claims and lawsuits caused by all manners of preventable accidents. We discuss some of the most common types of personal injury cases we have taken in St. Louis below.

Common Personal Injuries in St. Louis

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents - traffic accidents involving one more more motorized vehicles

    This category of personal injury cases includes many different types of accidents and can involve cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles and other modes of transportation.

    Car crashes and other traffic accidents occur due to all kinds of factors and behaviors. Some of the most common causes of car accidents are speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and drowsiness. While many of us have seen figures that tie human error to something like 95% of car crashes, there are sometimes additional external factors at play such as poor weather, low visibility and other road conditions. Nevertheless, if another driver or other individual caused you to be injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may have a right to recover compensation in a personal injury claim. Burger Law's personal injury attorneys in St. Louis have decades of experience in car accident cases and their resulting injuries. We will help you receive a great recovery in your St. Louis car accident personal injury case.

  • Construction Accidents - construction site accidents to workers or civilians

    Construction accidents are a leading cause of unintentional injuries in St. Louis and the United States. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 74,520 cases of injuries on the job that led to missed work in the construction industry alone. And of all workplace violations recorded by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2021, half of the top ten most common violations were in the construction industry. While an individual can be hurt in any setting and injurious events happen in all kinds of workplaces, there is no denying that construction sites can be dangerous, and accidents in construction often lead to serious injuries.

    Some of the most common types of injuries and fatalities on construction sites are falls, falling objects, being crushed or stuck between two objects and equipment failures. If you were injured on the job while working in construction, you will likely be able to file a Missouri workers' compensation claim with your employer's workers' compensation insurance (in the construction industry, an employer with any number of employees — even one — must carry workers' compensation insurance under Missouri law). The Burger Law personal injury attorneys in St. Louis know the ins and outs of Missouri workers' compensation law and will make sure you receive the full compensation available in your workers' comp claim when you have been injured while working in construction.

    For many who are injured on Missouri construction sites, the majority of their recovery will come from a personal injury claim. If you were on the job, you may have an additional third-party negligence claim against a negligent person involved in the cause of your accident, and if you were not working at the time, a personal injury claim will be your sole source of recovery. Your Burger Law personal injury attorney in St. Louis will help you make sense of your options and demand the highest possible compensation from all liable parties. After you are injured on a construction site, you must speak to a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis with experience in construction accidents. Burger Law' s personal injury legal team will lead you in your recovery.

  • Falls - slip and fall and other fall-related injuries due to dangerous property conditions

    Falls can happen anywhere and cause any number of injuries. Even the most coordinated among us will trip or stumble at some point. As far as personal injury claims go, most fall injuries are a result of a dangerous condition that the property owner or person in charge of the property did not properly address or provide adequate warning about. This could be a slip and fall accident — such as when the gas station worker fails to put up a "wet floor" sign while mopping or the landlord of a retail complex neglects to clear ice and snow from the parking lot and walkway after a storm — or a fall from a height — maybe a hole in the floor has no signage, covering or rope around it to caution visitors or a rotted piece of wood on an old deck or staircase gives way under a normal amount of weight.

    Each year, there is an average of 8 million emergency room visits in the United States due to slip and fall accidents. While a slip and fall might sound like a minor, albeit embarrassing incident, that is unfortunately not always so. In fact, slip and fall accidents lead to more than half a million hospitalizations and 20 thousand deaths every year in the United States. While anyone can fall when a property is unsafe, older adults are most vulnerable and likely to be severely injured or killed in slip and fall accidents.

    Slip and fall and other falling accidents can happen at home, on the job or at another locale such as a store, park or restaurant. When you are hurt because of a dangerous condition that someone else was responsible for, you have a premises liability personal injury claim in Missouri. The St. Louis personal injury lawyers of Burger Law have decades of experience helping slip and fall and other premises liability victims recover full compensation.

  • Dog bites - when a pet or stray animal attacks by biting

    If you are like all of us at Burger Law's St. Louis personal injury law firm, you love dogs. In fact, some of our staff regularly foster pets who need good homes. However, we also know that dogs sometimes bite, and those bites can cause serious injuries. Data collected by the CDC shows that there are approximately 4.5 million dog bites in the U.S. annually. Many of them are minor and require no medical care; about 800,000 dog bites necessitate some kind of medical attention. If you are bitten by a dog without provoking them, and the bite causes you injuries that require medical care, you can collect a recovery with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in St. Louis.

    Dog bites can cause all kinds of injuries, which partially depend on where on your body the dog bit you. Wounds from dog bites range from negligible superficial scrapes to severe puncture wounds, broken bones and organ damage as well as scarring and disfigurement. However, whatever initial injuries they inflict, dog bites come with a high risk of complication due to infection. It is very important to care for your wounds properly and take steps to combat infections.

    It can be hard to know what an animal like a dog is thinking or feeling, and a dog bite attack can be an extreme shock. Understanding dog behavior can help reduce the risk of dog bite injuries. Dogs bite when they are threatened; they could feel scared, startled, trapped, in pain, or could be protecting or guarding something they care about — including a human family member. An innocent action could be perceived as a threat and prompt the dog to go on the offense. This is especially true in dogs with trauma who come from abusive homes. We must all do our part to treat dogs with respect and avoid creating an environment where a dog could feel threatened, but that does not mean that all dog bites are warranted. If you were bitten and injured by a dog, you may have a Missouri personal injury claim. Burger Law's personal injury attorneys in St. Louis have extensive experience in dog bite injury cases and will get you maximum compensation for your dog bite damages.

  • Medical errors - when a doctor, nurse or surgeon makes a mistake that costs you your well-being

    When you receive medical care from a professional, they must adhere to a certain standard of care. Health complications happen, but you should be able to trust that your physician is qualified to treat you and will treat you to the best of their ability. You should not have to worry about suffering a preventable injury or illness. When your medical care provider fails to give the care that "a reasonably prudent and careful health care provider would have under similar circumstances," and that failure leaves you injured or ill in a way that you would not have otherwise been, you have a Missouri medical malpractice case. Burger Law's St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers have helped those in St. Louis injured by their medical providers recover millions of dollars in compensation and will do the same for you.

    Preventable injuries due to medical provider error can be expensive and, sometimes, lethal. In fact, current estimates attribute as many as 400,000 deaths per year, which makes medical errors the number three cause of death in the United States. When a doctor prescribes the wrong dosage or medication, fails to communicate something critical to another treating physician, makes a surgical error or misses a treatment or diagnosis that they should have realized, and you become sick or injured as a result, it is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis with experience in cases of medical errors. Cases against medical professionals and institutions are very complex, and you need a St. Louis attorney with talent and experience leading the charge in your recovery.

  • Defective products - manufacturer goods that are dangerous to consumers

    Some personal injury cases arise from the use of a product that should not have been on the market because it is dangerous to users. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the U.S. agency responsible for enacting and enforcing laws and standards regulating consumer products in order to protect the public. When a product is found to violate these standards or causes undue risk of injury when used, the CPSC issues recalls. The legal process should not stop there. If you were injured because a product malfunctioned, you deserve to make a recovery in a personal injury claim in St. Louis. When a manufacturer is negligent by introducing a dangerous product to the public, you have a product liability case in St. Louis.

    Any type of product could potentially be involved in a product liability case in Missouri and elsewhere in the U.S. If you used a children's toy, piece of clothing, cosmetic product, sports equipment, household item or any other consumer good and were injured by it, Burger Law's St. Louis product liability personal injury attorneys will help you recover and hold the manufacturer accountable. You could even have a case if a part on an automobile fails and causes an accident or injures you on its own. Medical devices and pharmaceutical products, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration are also common culprits in product liability injuries. If a medication or another item has caused you harm, call Burger Law's personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your case.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in St. Louis?

Each state sets its own laws, or statutes, when it comes to matters like personal injury civil court cases. Missouri's statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is five years from the date you were injured, as per RSMo § 516.120. At five years, Missouri has one of the longest time limits for filing a personal injury claim compared to deadlines in other states. However, while five years may sound like a very long time, it is not wise to wait. If you have been in an accident involving negligence and were injured at all, do not put off speaking to a personal injury attorney in St. Louis and filing a Missouri personal injury claim.

While Missouri law does name some exceptions to the five year limit, you cannot risk missing the deadline. If you do not file your personal injury claim within the time allowed by law, you risk missing out on recovering any compensation at all. When you have been injured because of another person's actions, you deserve to be compensated. Do not throw away your chance to claim rightful compensation. Speak to a personal injury attorney in St. Louis about your case today at (314) 500-HURT.

Common Questions Answered by St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys

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What is the Personal Injury Claim Process?

A personal injury case can go through different stages depending on the situation and how much resistance or integrity the defendant and their insurance company show during the process. Some may settle quickly outside of court, while others may be resolved through a mediation and still others may have to go all the way to trial to get you the compensation you deserve.

Most people going through a personal injury case in St. Louis do not know much about the process because they have not had to know how it works. One of our responsibilities as your St. Louis personal injury attorney is to guide you through every step of the process, advise you on what to expect and counsel you on how to navigate this time in your life. Your Burger Law personal injury attorney in St. Louis is with you every step of the way and will always keep you informed and prepared. Still, it can be helpful for you as a plaintiff to understand the typical personal injury claim process. Knowing what to expect can ease your anxiety and help you make the most of your claim with a dedicated personal injury attorney leading the way.

Your St. Louis personal injury attorney will guide you through the following steps, depending on how reasonable the insurance company chooses to be.

  • Consultation and Evaluation: Before you even decide to hire us, you will get to speak with a personal injury attorney in St. Louis for free. We offer a complimentary consultation to help you make the best decision for yourself in hiring a lawyer. Burger Law's St. Louis personal injury attorneys answer all of your questions for free and use this time to understand your situation and what we will need to do to build an undeniable case.
  • Investigation: After you hire Burger Law, your dedicated St. Louis personal injury attorney jumps into action and gets to work on your case. We may visit the hospital or go to the scene of the accident to collect evidence and obtain all relevant evidence and documentation such as medical files and police reports. We will also collect and organize any evidence you can provide, such as photos of the scene and your injuries. During this stage, your St. Louis attorney will exercise their expertise to determine who is liable for your Missouri personal injury damages and what compensation you should receive.
  • Demand: Once we have determined the value of your claim, your St. Louis personal injury attorney with Burger Law will make a demand of the defendant's insurance company. We typically communicate your demands by writing a formal demand letter. This letter, in which your personal injury attorney defines why the defendant is liable, how extensive your damages are, what injuries and other losses you have sustained and what settlement amount you are demanding. There are several potential responses the insurance company may give to your demand letter. They may make an offer, ask or evidence or deny or ignore the demand.
  • Lawsuit: If the insurance company denies the demand or fails to respond at all, your St. Louis personal injury attorney will take your case to the next step by filing a lawsuit and beginning the court process.
  • Discovery: This is the pre-trial process during which both parties have the chance to view the other side's evidence. The discovery stage is a lengthy, involved process. It is your personal injury attorney's opportunity to build an intricate, infallible case against the defense. You may be deposed and your St. Louis injury lawyer may collect depositions from other witnesses or experts.
  • Negotiation: Once both sides have had the opportunity to review what the opposing party is working with, your St. Louis lawyer will put their persuasive talents to use by negotiating a settlement amount that would be agreeable to you and covers the full value of your damages. The defendant could choose to accept the settlement demand all the way up to the day before the date of the scheduled trial.
  • Mediation: In some cases, the two sides may elect or be required by a judge to participate in a mediation. This is a meeting facilitated by a neutral party — the mediator — for the purpose of helping the two sides come to a compromise that both parties voluntarily agree to.
  • Trial: If efforts to settle the case are not fruitful, your St. Louis personal injury claim will be set for trial, where both parties will argue their case in front of a judge and jury of their peers. The majority of personal injury claims in Missouri are successfully settled before reaching trial, but in some cases where the insurance company refuses to compensate you fairly, trial becomes the necessary last stop in the legal journey. Burger Law's St. Louis personal injury attorneys are highly talented and practiced trial lawyers and we are constantly honing our litigation skills. Though we are almost always able to reach a great settlement before reaching trial, our St. Louis law firm is prepared to do what it takes to make you whole and will take the fight to trial if necessary.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney in St. Louis Cost?

It costs nothing to hire a personal injury lawyer at Burger Law. When you hire Burger Law as your personal injury law firm, you do so on a contingency basis. That means that you will not be billed for our services until you have your personal injury settlement check in your hand. When you receive your settlement, we take a percentage of the total.
After you or someone in your family is suddenly hurt in a car crash, dog bite, work accident or another type of negligence-induced accident, financial stress can cripple even the most affluent families. The fact of the matter is that you were harmed because of someone else's actions, and you and your family have sustained losses and incurred expenses that you otherwise would not have had to face. You may not even be able to go to work for weeks and suddenly have no income coming home to support yourself and your family. In the midst of all this, you know you need a lawyer to represent you, hold the negligent party accountable, and demand full payment for your damages. The last thing you want to do is fork out more money when you are at your most vulnerable. Our lawyers commit our resources toward financing and building your case, and do not take payment until you have been paid.

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Louis Today

Nobody deserves to deal with the aftermath of an accident that you had no power over. It is not fair that you are left to suffer, deal with chronic pain and disability, miss work or even lose your job and deal with other life changes all because somebody else failed to act responsibly or intentionally acted recklessly. When your life or your loved one's life is disrupted and turned on its head by a personal injury case, a St. Louis personal injury attorney from Burger Law demands justice and helps you recover maximum compensation.

Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys have been standing up for the injured and vulnerable as a firm for 25 years and have helped our deserving clients receive more than $170 million in verdicts and settlements. When you hire a personal injury attorney from Burger Law in St. Louis, we do not rest until you get the great settlement you deserve. Hire a St. Louis injury attorney now or ask us questions about your case for free at (314) 500-HURT or contact us online now.

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