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Posted in Car Accidents on January 5, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

$90,000 Car Accident Settlement against APC Pest Elimination

We tend to resolve a lot of accident cases at the end of the year. Insurance companies can pay more to clear their books and settle claims for car accident cases at the end of the year.

We represented our client Alex against Bonnie Kittrell and APC Pest Elimination. She weaved to the wrong side of the road and hit Alex's car head on causing a crash. Incredibly, the insurance company completely denied the car crash claim and would not pay any money at all to our client. When we get these cases we do one thing - we filed suit and litigated the case. We served discovery and kept pressing the case against APC Pest Elimination as their employee caused this car accident injuring our client.

Alex had soft tissue injuries - but they still caused him a lot of pain. Folks in these predicaments usually are concerned about how to take care of their families and their future.

We were happy to settle Alex's auto accident case for $90,000 and are waiting on the checks. This will go a long way to helping him in the future.

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