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Posted in Newsletter on August 10, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Colorado Trip

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to Colorado to visit my brother.

Traveling during the pandemic is weird. Drove there and back. One day each way and brought my parents. We had a great time bonding with each other. Making memories.

All meals were cooked in or carry out except one - ate outside away from folks for one meal. Masks and hand sanitizers all the way. It was a bit weird, but becoming the new normal.

Crested Butte Colorado is a magical place: beautiful mountains and amazing hiking and mountain biking. The kids only complained some about the daily hikes. Takes a few days to get used to the altitude.

Really cold in the winter - January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 11.8 °F. The average temperature for the whole year is 34.7 °F.

My son and I summit-ted Mount Crested Butte at 12,168. Not a 14er but a good climb. Here's a few pics - horseback riding in the mountains, walking the Royal Gorge Bridge and whitewater rafting the Taylor River.