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Posted in Videos on November 23, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Discovery Disputes and Rules

So, last week I was asked to speak and did a presentation on discovery disputes in an admiralty law seminar here in St. Louis. When you’re in litigation, there are certain documents you want to get from the defendants: statements, reports of injury, other things that the defendant often will fight for you. On our Lawyer to Lawyer Page on our website, we have the brief that I wrote on this and we did a presentation with a judge, me against the defense lawyer for a group of about 60 folks.

So, it’s important to get a lawyer in a case who knows the discovery rules, knows what we’re entitled to, knows what documents and videos and witness statements and reports of injury and pictures and videotape and those types of things to get in cases. I know how to do that. I regularly lecture and teach other lawyers and claim representatives like I did last week about that, and it’s important to know those rules so that you can best advocate for your clients.

So, what I think, it’s really important to get all the evidence that I can to help and win your case. We’re not here to lose anyone’s case. We’re here to win it. So, finding those statements, finding those photographs, finding that video surveillance can be very effective, and in fact, when we first put defendants on notices of claims, we tell them, “Preserve all evidence. Give us the videotapes. Give us the statements. Give us the photos. Give us that.” And if they refuse or if they’re not willing to work with us, we file suit because under the law, the power of the law and the set of discovery rules, we’re often entitled to those things.

So, I’m blessed to have been able to lecture and teach some folks about that. I consider myself well-versed. I file motions to compel and argue discovery with defense lawyers all the time because I need to make sure that we leave no stone uncovered.

So, if you have questions about discovery or anything in your case, call me, (314) 542-2222, or visit us at Thanks.