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Posted in Videos on June 14, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

High Impact Collisions Can Cause Internal Issues

What do you do when you have such a high impact that it can affect your inner body and affect your organs in there? I’m Gary Burger from Burger Law. I wanted to tell you a quick little story about what happened to one of our clients who is involved in a sudden deceleration and a change of velocity of about 39 miles an hour, very significant. And what happens is he had a rupture in the peritoneum and the tissues in his lower abdomen that required emergent surgery. He had other problems as well, and he’s here with us. He’s doing well now. But, what they had to do emergently is they had to go into his lower small intestine, and the doctors, great doctors, had to go in, and emergently, he had internal bleeding, and they had to emergently excise or take out about 55 centimeters of his small intestine. And then, they had to put it together. We took a video deposition of this doctor.

What they do is, when they put it together, when they take out a piece of your intestine, they don’t attach it end to end because that might break. What they do instead is they put two ends of it together. You can see what they did. There was blood pooling around the liver and the spleen with mesenteric tears. They took out, they transected the small bowel with the GI stapler, and oh yeah, it was 55 centimeters. They did anastomosis. What they did is they took the two remaining sides of it; they took a clean cut; they put them together; and then, they closed it up together with permanent staples to close that. And then what they did is they opened up between them, and then they sewed them together here if you can see, sewed them together here so that when he’s digesting it goes through there. He has had some issues with this post-surgically; however, this is the standard of care in how these small type of ruptures are addressed. So, a lot of times, after and post an impact like that, the doctors will monitor these patients to make sure that their organs are working well, their digestive systems, these other things because the sudden deceleration can negatively affect someone and cause permanent injuries inside them even if they’re not noted right away.

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