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Posted in Car Accidents on February 19, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Hit and Run

I wrote a while back about my client Will and said that I would give an update on the matter. In my last update, we requested the depositions of the defendants, who settled the day before the defendants’ deposition, and after Will was very persuasive at his depo.

Will testified that after his car was hit, the other driver sped off, driving the wrong way downtown and opened his trunk while driving to try to stop his license plate from being read.

Will followed the car and got the license plate number. Our investigator found the owner of the car and we sued them. The owner said they did not know who was driving - but it was their daughter's car. So, we sued the daughter - then she said she did not know who was driving. I guess it runs in their family.

We knew that we could figure this out with depositions. We settled Will’s case for more than three times his medical bills.

The police report gives the story of what happened with this hit and run.