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Consumer Protection Lawyer in St Louis, MO

Burger Law represents Consumer Protection claims throughout Missouri and Illinois

Consumer Protection Lawyer St. Louis

Consumer Protection Attorney in St Louis, MO. Burger Law is a personal injury law firm that specializes in consumer protection cases. The Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MMPA), R.S.Mo. 407.010 et seq., prohibits unlawful, unfair and deceptive practices. This Act applies to purchases or leases of goods or services, primarily for personal, family or other household purposes, and protects individuals from outright fraud, as well as other anti-consumer behavior including overbearing or improper conduct, lying, bait and switch, false advertising, and exaggerating or stealing. While fraud requires proof of intent to deceive, the MMPA does not. Therefore, regardless of what the violator was thinking, if they committed an unfair or deceptive act, they have violated the MMPA. Under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, the court can even order the violator to pay the consumer’s lawyer’s fees.

Gary Burger

Gary Burger | Trial Attorney

Gary Burger is devoted to helping injury victims recover from devastating accidents in Missouri and Illinois. Gary practices all areas of personal injury law and has been successful in providing financial recovery while aiding in the protection of our clients' future.

Gary Burger's Awards

Burger Law’s Consumer Protection Lawyers have been very successful in recovering for consumers who were unfairly treated and lied to by business representatives. Our consumer protection lawyers are prepared to get you full compensation for the damages you’ve endured. It’s too often that violators get away with anti-consumer behavior, if you believe you’ve been lied to by a business representative, allow Gary Burger and associates to assist you in your consumer protection case. The consumer protection attorneys of Burger Law have been highly successful in compensating victims of deceptive and unfair business transactions through the MMPA. To get started on your free case evaluation, contact Burger Law by calling (314) 542-2222 or completing our online contact form.

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Consumer Protection Attorney St. Louis

Our Consumer Protection Attorneys also take on these Claims in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois

Case Results

  • Consumer Fraud cases against Local Car Dealerships

    We helped customers of a car dealership company when they sold a “protection plan” for automobiles. This protection plan was touted as “Under Sealant and Body Sealant” to prevent rust and weathering on vehicles and cost $600. However, we had evidence from their workers that they never even put it on. We fought and prosecuted […]
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  • Class Action $600,000 settlement against the state of Illinois

    Contraceptive class action lawsuit in the state of Illinois, Six Hundred Thousand $600,000 fund to pay women employees wrongfully denied coverage for contraceptive prescriptions. Until July 1, 2004, the State of Illinois’s Quality Care Health Plan, and some other State-sponsored health plans, did not provide coverage for prescription contraceptives. This lawsuit is about whether the […]
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  • Insurer Owes Penalty, Fees for Insufficient Repair Checks – $87,704 Judgement

    Burger Law represented a Bonne Terre and St. Louis, Missouri, business owner against Lloyd’s of London insurance company. A storm damaged our client’s property. The insurance company refused to pay for the damage, delayed adjusting it and then tried to trick our client into settling the claim at a discount. We filed a bad faith […]
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