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Posted in Consumer Protection on December 18, 2015   |  by Gary Burger

Rarely Buy an Extended Warranty

It’s the end of the holiday shopping season and hopefully so too is over-consumerism. When we do purchase expensive things, the cashier often asks us to buy an extended warranty. If a company makes and sells something, shouldn't it last longer than a year? Does this really decrease and limit the warranty you already have? YES to both.

Missouri (and Illinois and most states) law already provides a 4 year warranty for goods sold in stores. All goods have to be merchantable, which is implied in any contract for their sale (R.S.Mo. §400-002.314). This means that products must be of fair, average or better quality, must be fit for how they are typically used, and must conform to the promises made on their container or label. If the seller violates this you can have up to four years to sue the seller for breaching this implied warranty of merchantability.

So, if someone tries to sell you an extended warranty of less than 4 years, don't buy it cause it doesn't extend anything. Your rights are already be protected under your state’s laws and the Uniform Commercial Code for up to four years. If you are considering it to make things easier, make sure you read what the warranty covers. Here are some dos and don'ts:


  • Buy a 5 year or more warranty.
  • Return something when it breaks. Especially quickly.
  • Keep receipts.
  • Stand up for your consumer rights. Send emails and complain. File a small claims court case if you
  • get ripped off. Complain on social media or BBB.
  • Call the attorney general or other consumer fraud places to complain.
  • Be nice but firm.


  • Buy a 1 or 2 year warranty- Missouri law already protects you.
  • Let stores or manufactures influence you or not stand up for their product.
  • Let stores tell you they don't take stuff back unless they told you at the beginning.
  • Buy any warranty if you won't keep the paperwork.
  • Take no for an answer - these days everyone has to protect themselves if companies don't care.
  • Be mean or snotty - kill them with kindness

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