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Posted in Premises Liability on April 6, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Land Owner Slip and Fall


Gary: I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. I have over two decades of experience in representing individuals injured because of the dangerous condition of property. Landowners, whether you’re a homeowner, whether you have a business, you invite people there, whether you own a parking lot, you have a duty to keep your conditions safe for guests, and if you violate that duty and violate the rules that we have for keeping those premises safe for your guests, you’re responsible for that harm. When individuals or their family members or friends are injured because of that and they’re not able to resolve their cases on their own, I represent them. So, if a commercial business has property that is unsafe, if there’s a hole in the ground somewhere that you don’t see, if a landowner has ice or snow on the ground and they try to clean it and they don’t do it or there’s thawing and refreezing and there’s black ice and they’re not monitoring it and you’re injured, those folks are responsible for harm and they have insurance for that.

We have many years of experience in this and have been very successful in these claims. So, if you’ve been injured in one of those ways, call us to talk to us about it. We’re at 314-542-2222 in Missouri, 618-272-2222 in Illinois. You can also go on our website. We have a lot of articles, a lot of videos about this to educate yourself.